Tig Welder
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Tig Welder

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Oliwia Hamer
Oliwia Hamer
Experienced MBO Almelo 15,00 to 17,00 gross per hour including ADV compensation, excluding allowances for overtime and shift work

Information about our client

This client is a major international player, active in various sectors. Think about: semiconductors, solar,  medical and machinery technology.

The products consist of complex welding assemblies and precise thin sheet metal (frames, air showers) with mechanically processed parts for production machines, medical devices, electron optics...

We work in (self-managing) teams that realize prodycts using CNC/conventional machines and hand tools led by a group leader and working closely with quality people, work planners and logistics employees. PLs are jointly created, assessed and fed back.

The products are realized related to the drawings (TPD), processing plan, routing, package instructions and required material. Prorgrams are made/adjusted by work planners or the professional himself. Multiple orders are executed simultaneously; the metal worker determines the sequence and machine. After realizing the first product, the programs and/or working methods are adjusted if necessary after measurement.

We work with:

  • CNC-controlled and/or conventional machines, such as laser cutting machines, punching machines, bending machines, stretching machines, welding machines
  • Electric and pneumatic hand tools and measuring and marking tools
  • Material characteristics: ferrous/nonferrous metal, construction steel, sheet and profile material.
  • Dimensions: from a few mm to several meters; dimensional accuracy 0.2 mm at 1 meter; shape accuracy of 0.1 mm and surface accuracy of approx. 0.1 mm to 0.5 mm. 

Job description:

  • You study the documentation, work sequence and quality requirements, choose processing sequence (pay attention to weld seams, bending), and discuss the devised solution(s) with the planner.
  • Checks materials (completeness) and selects tools: reports deviations. Assesses the need to prepare drilling and welding jigs with the planner.
  • Determines and calculates stretched dimensions (taking into account material properties) and any (location of) weld seams, and signs off. Records findings.
  • Makes welding, spot welding and/or drilling jigs (in consulation with the planner) and takes product properties into account
  • Performs the "first product check". Reportsn findings and/or records this.
  • Pays maximum attention to efficient routing, correct use of tools, time, machines and production resources