We take responsibility for more than just work-related activities

Creating the perfect match between employee and client, that is what Marquette does! We offer motivated and qualified (flex) employees for every employee-related issue. By offering solutions for (technical) production positions, in various sectors, we unburden both clients and job seekers in the area of Twente.

With attention to the well-being of our employees, we do more than just finding a suitable professional employee. Since 2005, we have been thinking along with the overarching employee issues. We arrange housing for foreign employees and offer training opportunities. Motivation, expertise and craftmanship are most important to us. These qualities are clearly reflected in our working method and culture. 


'By being good to our employees, these employees are also good for our clients.'

Our team

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At Marquette, we develop relationships with all the people we work with, whether they are employees, clients, or job seekers. Together with a team of ambitious professionals, we deliver quality to all our clients. Want to know who we are and what our working method is?
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Meet our professional