Manual welder
Working at Marquette

Manual welder

Experienced Vriezenveen 12,60 gross per hour, excluding surcharges for overtime and shift work

Information about the client

This client offers you a wide range of high-quality sheet metal processing, mainly in medium-sized production series. Innovative deep drawing techniques, laser cutting and welding of deep drawing products, powder coating and final assembly. 

The client has all the necessary certifications including the ISO-9001 certification, the welding qualiciation ISO 3834-2 and the environmental standard ISO-14001.

Job description

Your goal as a manual welder is to prepare and perform welding activities based on assignments and/or instructions related to quality and safety requirements. Taking into account the types of material tand the Mig-Mag welding technique. If necessary, products will be ground and finished. It is important that you can read drawings and carry out your work activities based on these drawings. Every welded part is registered in systems. That is why basic computer skills are required for this job. In addition, we would like you to proactively think along about improvements.