Tijhof Autotransporters

Tijhof Autotransporters


Tijhof Autotransporters

With more than 70 years of experience, Tijhof Autotransportsystemen can be seen as the specialist in the field of car transporters. 

Tijhof ensures efficient transport by developing, producing and importing car transporters and trailers. The loading capacity varies from one to even nine passenger cars. 

Tijhof can help you with: 

  • Development and production of new transport solutions 
  • Modifying and optimizing existing transporters 
  • Repairs, conversion and maintenance of transport and trailers 
  • Various lease options
  • Mediation with import, purchase and sale 
  • Taking care of inspections and certifications 
  • Components

At Tijhof customization is the standard! 

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